Grandstream IP Phones

Communication revolution with Grandstream, a visionary offering from IPPBX Company. Renowned as a leader in IP communication and Call Center solutions, Grandstream leads the charge in transformative technology, redesigning conversation experiences across the world

UCM600 Audio Series IP PBX
The X2P/X2C is a cost-effective call center IP phone with a unique foot-operated answering feature, 2.8-inch color LCD, dual network ports, PoE support, and advanced security features, designed for optimal call center efficiency.
Fanvil X305 is a big button IP phone designed for nursing homes, hospital, and other scenarios.
UCM6200 series IP PBX
The UCM6200 series IP PBX appliance combines enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobility features in an easy-to-manage solution.

UCM Series/Grandstream


Customizable and scalable network solution. Advanced hardware and software functionalities. Comprehensive convergence of voice, video, data, fax, security surveillance, and mobility.


Automatic failover for uninterrupted communication. Constant monitoring of UCM6510 operational status. Effortless system control switch to the hot-standby UCM6510 in case of primary device failure.


Customizable and Scalable Network Solution Converged Voice, Video, Data, Fax, Security Surveillance, and Mobility Leading-edge Voice and Video Features User-Friendly Interface for Effortless Operation .

UMC 6200

Unify diverse communication technologies on a single network. Comprehensive features: voice, video calling, conferencing, surveillance, data tools, mobility, and access management. Future-forward design for a globally redefined conversation experience.

UMC 6300 Audio

High-end audio unified communication solution for organizations. Seamless integration of mobility, security, voice, and collaboration tools. Pioneer transformative technology for a globally redefined conversation experience.

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