Fanvil by IPPBX Company, the pinnacle of IP communication technology. Redefine your conversations with Fanvil’s seamless innovation, ushering in a limitless future of connectivity.

X Series/ Fanvil IP Phone

Fanvil X4/G Enterprise IP Phone

Fanvil X4/X4G SIP phone: Designed for ease of use, it features dual network ports, integrated PoE, superb sound quality, and a second DSS color screen supporting up to 30 keys, ensuring efficiency and security in every detail.

Fanvil X4U IP Phone

Fanvil X4U enterprise communication with dual high-resolution 320x240 color displays, optimizing flexibility and productivity. Immerse in HD audio through G.722 and Opus codecs for a superior audio experience in any network condition.

Fanvil X5U IP Phone

Fanvil X5U enhance business flexibility with dual color displays, LED-lit line keys, and advanced G.722 and Opus codecs, providing a seamless, immersive HD audio experience for heightened productivity and adaptability to diverse business demands.

Fanvil X6U IP Phone

Fanvil X6U boost productivity effortlessly with three color displays, LED-lit line keys, and built-in Bluetooth. Experience immersive HD audio, thanks to G.722 and Opus codecs, catering to diverse business needs with ease.

Fanvil x210 IP Phone

Fanvil X210 a top-tier enterprise IP phone with a 4.3" display, 106 DSS keys, HD audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and advanced integrations, ensuring seamless productivity for users handling medium to high call volumes.

Fanvil X7 IP Phone

Fanvil X7 Uniting modern design and advanced functionality, this elite enterprise IP phone features a 7-inch touch screen, 127 DSS keys, HD audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, PoE, and smart integration for seamless business communication.

Fanvil X7C IP Phone

Fanvil X7C elevate business communication with a sleek 5-inch color screen, 20 SIP lines, HD audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and up to 60 DSS keys—a high-end IP phone designed for immediate access and productivity for business users.

Fanvil X7A IP Phone

Fanvil X7A android 9.0 OS, 7-inch touch screen, 112 DSS keys, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional CM60 camera for smart and efficient enterprise communication.

Fanvil X305 IP Phone

The Fanvil X305 Big Button IP Phone redefines senior-centric communication with a vibrant 3.5-inch screen, 2 SIP lines, PoE support, and safety features like 433MHz emergency buttons. Elevate user experience in nursing homes and hospitals with seamless connectivity via 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

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